25 Nov 2011

I have to apologise  again for not posting  and for not  announcing the name of the winner of the Scrapbook bundle on the due day.  I have also not replied to kind words and comments, so please forgive me,  but I have had more computer problems and have not been able to do anything.  I have lost all my information and have  been so frustrated.  My new computer had a factory fault and had to be returned.   I am hopefully on track now with another new computer. As I have said before I am seriously dependant on  my computer and well  technology in general.

Thank you so much to those of you who entered my second giveaway. 
A  name  was ceremoniously  drawn  for the Scrapbook  Bundle and I am pleased to announce that it  was Debbie at  My Brown Eyed Girl who has won! Congratulations Debbie, please email me your postal details so I can get your package off  ASAP!

11 Nov 2011

Happy Birthday Granny

Today we remembered my maternal Grandmother, Irene, who would have celebrated her 100th birthday.
 She was born at 11 o clock, on the 11th day, of the 11th month, in the year 1911. 
Her name, Irene is the name of the Greek Goddess of Peace.  How amazing is it that 7 years later the war ended and on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11 o' clock,  Armistice and Peace would be celebrated for all time to come!
My Grandmother was an absolute inspiration to me.  She was a horticulturist and started one of the first Hydroponics projects on her farm in South Africa. 
My earliest memories of her are of trips into the City o f Johannesburg,  when I was about 4, to buy the latest seeds on offer at Kirchoffs, a large seed company.  It was always such an adventure.  I had to be dressed properly, bobby socks, my favourite red shoes, my best dress and we would have tea at a very posh restaurant – I loved it.  It was the beginnings of my passion for shopping! 
She  taught me to arrange flowers from a  very young age and entered me into the Flower arranging section of the Annual Horticultural Show in Johannesburg at  the tender age of  5 and I won first prize in  my division.   I was awarded a trophy that was larger than me. 
 I had  a flower bed in her garden where we planted  flowers for the fairies to live and so started my  love of gardening and fairies :}.   She also sewed a lot, did embroidery and was an incredible cook.   A lot of what I love doing was inspired in some way by my dear Grandmother and I loved every moment of time spent learning from her.   
Happy birthday Granny – I love and still miss you.

8 Nov 2011

Giveaway # 2

Giveaway # 2 - Christmas Scrapbook Bundle
This may seem like a bit of a cheeky giveaway, but I would be so happy if one of  you could benefit and enjoy this little  bundle of Christmas scrapbook supplies that I have put together

I am making a Christmas ......  umm  what shall  I call it .... a brag book, album, memory book,  not sure, I suppose it is a combination of all  these things  ......  I  will share some  pictures  soon.
When you do a project do you also end up with  loads of extra  'bits' , I do. 
A few 12 x12 papers and a few A4's
With the very limited space to keep all my craft stuff I thought that maybe someone else could enjoy the extras instead of me trying to  find space for it.      
Bits and  Bobs
Soooo if you  would like to win this bundle of Christmas Scrapbook bits, please go ahead and ......   
a)     Leave a comment  for one chance to win,
b)     Become a follower  for a second chance,   let me know if you are a new follower or an oldie
c)     Mention my giveaway on your blog for a third chance,  don't for get to let me know.
I will draw a name randomly on the  20th November .
Thank you  for  taking part and good luck

4 Nov 2011

I am back......

....has it only been short of a month since I last posted?  It has felt like a year! 
My computer screen started to  flicker really badly, then dark lines appeared and then it died, in a thin spiral of smoke!  The man bought me a new one on sale, but nothing could be installed and  every time I went onto the Internet it shut down.
  After two weeks of doing everything the experts said to do, and all the mans extensive computer knowledge put to the test, he took it back.  They diagnosed 'Low Grade Hard Drive Failure'????  and gave me a new one that was £50 more,  but it is beautiful and so worth it.  It has a silver case and is  'finger mark proof' 
 It is   lovely.
I am such a  happy girl now, so happy to be back on line too. 
 Not having a computer is terrible.    I am so dependant, so addicted.
 I need to be  able stay in touch.....
Can't wait to visit you all again!