7 Dec 2011

SoS ....

I knew even before my daughter, that she was pregnant, she just felt different. So I had started to knit a very simple ' blankie' before the pregnancy was even confirmed. Then we were told there were two babies, sooo Granny had to knit another one. These simple square 30" x 30" blankets were knitted with a double strand of DK wool and on nice thick needles so it took me no time at all. These little blankets have proved to be invaluable for outings in the pram

and for when the boys are in their car seats.
Last week I had an urgent SOS from my daughter to please knit another two, so that she can at least wash the ones she has. I find that once I have made something once I really have to motivate myself to make more, but when there is an SOS concerning my grandchildren I make a plan. So I thought that to make it a little bit of a different project I would knit squares instead of a solid colour blanket for the boys.
Not sure this was the best idea cause when I had them all together and realised how many treads had to be sewn in I thought maybe I should have just made another two like the previous ones.
I knitted like a demon to get them finished and posted before we left for our holiday and I was so pleased with the result
and the boys seem to be cozy and comfortable with their other blankies!

3 Dec 2011

39 years on........

Have you ever met  someone you  like  instantly ? 
Someone you feel is a kindred spirit?    
Someone you are so comfortable with in the first few moments of meeting, you  feel like you  have known them forever? 
 What about the age old 'Love at first sight'  adage, do you  think that is possible? 
 Yes,  it is so possible!  Let me tell you how I know this for sure  ....... thirty nine years ago I met a man and  within seconds of  meeting him  I knew we were meant to be together.  It felt to me as if a part of me had been missing and  when I met him it was like a lightening bolt of realisation that  this was it, this was the  other half of me.  I remember  going home and dreamily telling my Mom that I had just spent the afternoon with  my future husband,  the love of my life, forever. 
  My darling Mom  scowled and said in her dreaded  ' I don't approve'  voice ,  
" you are too young to know what love is and there are many fish in the sea my girl, go do your homework" (I was only 18)
Poor Mom little did she know that my prediction that afternoon would all come true.
One year later I married the man and let me tell you, all I can say is my parents can be grateful I didn't meet him when I was 13, cause I would have still married him within the year of meeting him!
So, 38  years ago today I married an earth angel, the kindest, most caring person I know, who I am still deeply in love with. 
  A father of note to our three amazing children.
A Granddad, well no, not a Granddad, a Genedad,   all the grandchildren  call him Genedad. 
Happy anniversary and thank  you  Gene for  being  my rock,  my life and the  best  husband ever for  all these years.  I love you.