29 Sep 2011

Inspirational Crochet

I  was sent this very inspiring  article by a dear friend,  because I  suppose, I  always have some sort of crochet or knitting on the go and being South African, she knew that this would be  something I would love to share with you all. 
 Please visit MoxyCrochet and have a look at the work this wonderful lady, Laura Summs is doing in a devastatingly improvised area. 
 Take a look at the incredible blankets these crafters are crocheting.  
Such incredibly beautiful work that they are producing.  The colours are amazing.
Can you imagine owning one of these blankets or any article they make for that matter? 
Projects like this are so close to my heart, projects like this mean so, so much to the woman (and men) in Cape Towns, Khayeliesha, where some people are the poorest of the poor and live in really desperate conditions with not much hope of earning an income. 
It just takes someone like Laura Sums, with a vision, a passion and the skills to make a huge difference to these people.  It gives them some sort of much needed, income and makes them feel like what they are doing is of value and worth.  Well done Laura on a really good job, you are an inspiration. 
 Crocheting is such a lovely craft, crocheting is to me what tranquilizers are to others. 
If I pick up a crochet hook I am so happy and relaxed. 
 I don't crochet very advanced patterns, but what I love about crochet is that anything goes, any colour combination, which is what appeals to me so much.  As I am doing one row in one colour I am thinking about the next colour that can be added.
  I found a pattern here last week that I thought was very pretty and different. 
  I made one square with the idea of using up the purple wool I had left over from the flower cushion I made last month. 
 Now the bug has bitten, big time.  I altered the pattern a bit, because I love a larger fuller flower and I HAD to buy one or two a few extra balls of different colour wool....
now I have visions of making and owning a blanket of note!  Just gotta make loads of squares.
A perfectly wonderful winter project I think.

24 Sep 2011

The Christmas Fabric I bought last week
 has been cut and sewed.

  5 inch squares were cut and sewed together in rows of 6 squares  each

 and that was enough to make two delightful Christmas stocking for the twins. 

 All my other Grandchildren already have one so Matthew and Alex needed their own.  

Quilted them in the ditch and did all the finishing touches, then the fun began.......
Each square was embroidered  with feather stitch in a different colour and embellished with charms.

  Lastly the boys name were put on each of their stocking. 

When I gave them to my daughter yesterday - her face when she saw what I had brought her and her delight at all the charms was really all I needed to see! 

What a satisfactory job that was. 

Have a stunning weekend!

18 Sep 2011

Peace at last .....

Eugene is an absolute earth angel, yes, he is my husband, but he is the most incredible person I know. 
 He has taken the best care of a gentleman, who after suffering from a stroke five years ago has had the most incredibly difficult time. 
This gentleman has been unable to move, eat, drink or even speak easily;  lying in his bed for all these years just listening to music and Eugene has been his constant companion and carer.  
This weekend all this suffering came to an end, this brave man passed away and is now, at long last, at peace, no more suffering, no more pain. 
My deepest sympathy goes to his children and family for the loss of their Dad.
  My deepest respect goes to my husband who for  the last three and a half years,  has come to  know and care for this man and has shown him so much kindness and taken such good care of him.
 Really you are an amazing person with the best heart, my  Eugene!

Pavement sales are the best.....

A large house in the village has been sold and for the last month,  every now and again if you are early enough there will be some bits and bobs for sale on the pavement. 
This morning when driving past I saw this beautiful ‘letter box’, not quiet sure what to call it? 
I took it home dusted it off and admired it
  It is quiet large and has some beautiful hand painted flowers on and it in a really good condition. 
  I was thrilled and  the asking price was ridiculously low,  sooo,  I grabbed it and ran!   Love it.  Wonder what I will use it for?
 Letters and some pens and stationary or some pattern books and treasures????? 
The options are endless.
  Not sure where I am going to keep it, maybe in the loft for now, but I love it and am keeping it!

16 Sep 2011

Fabric, Fabulous Fabric

Is it too early to be getting excited about Christmas???

  I went to explore an alley in a little town nearby and found some100% cotton Christmas fabrics.
  They were selling them for next to nothing.  How could I pass up a bargain like that? 
I cannot help myself if I see pretty fabric I feel a bit dizzy and a bit frenzied and have to buy some, NOW!   
 I clearly did not think things through either, because I only bought a quarter metre of each.    
As I was retuning home my mind was working overtime, plans were forming.
  I needed a bit more fabric, a bit more of a variety
 I ended up driving to Lewes, a good 20 minute drive away, to visit the
This is really the quaintest shop I have ever seen, it is situated in an old factory building and is full, to the brim with quilting ‘stuff’.  
I  bought a few more quarter meters of some really beautiful Christmas material
I had to ask  the  poor long suffering man  to  take  my ‘quilting box’ out the loft for the  300th
this month time
   I had a few pieces of fabric in my stash that will go wonderfully with what I have bought.  
Now all I need is some time to cut and sew.......

Have a great day

13 Sep 2011

Pumpkins and things ....

Gardening is so rewarding, but I do not have a lot of knowledge of seed collecting or cuttings or such like.  When I was doing my own garden, I usually bought seedlings from the nursery and garden centres to plant.  
 About 6 months ago I was given a courgette and a ‘mini pumpkin’ seedling, tiny little things.  I had no grand visions of them actually growing, but I planted them watered them and checked now and again. 
The Courgette plant was eaten by snails almost within the first week. 
 The mini pumpkin plant grew – against all odds. 

 I had planted it in the open space under the washing line; the soil did not look good at all and the space is full of stones, so I was surprised it actually survived.

It has grown into a monster plant, bearing some beautiful pumpkins,
with a few more flowers which may, with some luck become pumpkins too. 

 What a delight it has been watching this plant grow.

I also planted two tomatoe seedlings one cherry and one plum tomato plant that I stuck in between the geraniums without much thought. 
This morning I was taking pictures of my pumpkins and saw there are baby tomatoes!!! 

 Now all I have to do is try and get these veggies before the insects and birds do.  I have popped the pumpkins on some empty pots to  hinder insects from getting them first

and the tomatoes... well it is a toss up  as to who gets them first me or the birds?

Isn't it  exciting?  Sooo cool!

Hope you all have a great day!

7 Sep 2011

The winners are......

I involved the dear lady that I take care of in the drawing of the winner’s names.  We cut papers, wrote all the names on each piece of paper, folded each one carefully and with great pomp and ceremony she drew three names.   So it is with her love and good wishes to the winners ....

Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage
Dayle at A Collection of This and That
Karie at Karie’s Chic Creations 
Congratulations, I will contact you for your postal addresses and get your
packages off as soon as possible! 
 Thank you to all of you who took part
This was such fun I will have to do it again, soon!

Good night

3 Sep 2011

Mini Giveaway ... ending soon!

Five days left, then I will be doing the draw of my  very first little giveaway.
 I have a little extra suprise in store now for the winners , have something to add to the package . 
Sooo very excited now to do the draw and send  the gift!
If you would like a chance to have a 
 Lavender sachet to pop in a drawer... and a little suprise too,  
there are  three chances to win ~ 

Comment on this post for one chance
Become a follower for  two chances (or let me know if you are already a follower)
Mention and link to my giveaway on your blog for three chances

On the 7th September I will draw three names randomly.

2 Sep 2011

Hello Autumn

Welcome back autumn, so good to see you again! You are already bringing us cooler crisper mornings.   
 Autumn is such an exciting prelude to winter, wonderful cold, winter.
  Isn’t time is in such a hurry? This year has flown by; even my two week break just felt sooo short.
We had the best time again, visiting our children and grandchildren. Had such fun in Portsmouth with Jamie and Nathan.  
 Discussed wedding with my Son and his fiancĂ© Jenny – I get to be making the invites –can’t wait to start!!
Took a ferry trip and as usual Genedad’s knees were well used. I love that they all love their Genedad so much.

We all visited at Neil and Tammy’s house and Jamie got to give Alex a bottle. 

She was thrilled and immediately after made an entry in her little Journal so she could tell Alex when he is ‘big’ that she fed him. Precious children, so much to be grateful for.  
I as usual just sat and rocked and loved holding all my grand babies so much! 
Jenny was a dab hand at getting Matthew to sleep too.

My son made us a traditional Melk Tert (I think Custard Tart is the closest thing to a Melk Tert) it was delicious – bye bye diet!

 We spent time with my parents and we visited some dear friends in Salisbury. Their son turned 30 – where did 30 years go? We had a good old fashioned South African braai (barbecue) of lamb on a spit, cooked by an ex South African, it was wonderful to be with such good old friends, so much a niceness.
Look I finished my crocheted cushion while driving the 1000 miles we drove to visit everybody and I think it turned out to be seriously cute.
  I found the pattern here it was very easy to follow with loads of pictures and really great directions.  I loved making it.  Every where I went I was given scraps of purple wool so I will be making a few more I think!  
 I must say it has been great posting again on my blog, I did miss you all!  Isn’t life full of things to be grateful for, every minute of the day!