2 Sept 2011

Hello Autumn

Welcome back autumn, so good to see you again! You are already bringing us cooler crisper mornings.   
 Autumn is such an exciting prelude to winter, wonderful cold, winter.
  Isn’t time is in such a hurry? This year has flown by; even my two week break just felt sooo short.
We had the best time again, visiting our children and grandchildren. Had such fun in Portsmouth with Jamie and Nathan.  
 Discussed wedding with my Son and his fiancé Jenny – I get to be making the invites –can’t wait to start!!
Took a ferry trip and as usual Genedad’s knees were well used. I love that they all love their Genedad so much.

We all visited at Neil and Tammy’s house and Jamie got to give Alex a bottle. 

She was thrilled and immediately after made an entry in her little Journal so she could tell Alex when he is ‘big’ that she fed him. Precious children, so much to be grateful for.  
I as usual just sat and rocked and loved holding all my grand babies so much! 
Jenny was a dab hand at getting Matthew to sleep too.

My son made us a traditional Melk Tert (I think Custard Tart is the closest thing to a Melk Tert) it was delicious – bye bye diet!

 We spent time with my parents and we visited some dear friends in Salisbury. Their son turned 30 – where did 30 years go? We had a good old fashioned South African braai (barbecue) of lamb on a spit, cooked by an ex South African, it was wonderful to be with such good old friends, so much a niceness.
Look I finished my crocheted cushion while driving the 1000 miles we drove to visit everybody and I think it turned out to be seriously cute.
  I found the pattern here it was very easy to follow with loads of pictures and really great directions.  I loved making it.  Every where I went I was given scraps of purple wool so I will be making a few more I think!  
 I must say it has been great posting again on my blog, I did miss you all!  Isn’t life full of things to be grateful for, every minute of the day!


Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh...precious baby!

Autumn was a LONG TIME COMING this year! It's going to finally cool down here in my state. Thank you, God! Can't take the heat!


Cruiseartist said...

we missed you too but glad you had fun with the kiddo's I think a melk tert is a brilliant idea as some of our kiddo's are coming to visit but will have to make sure as one is gluten free will have to do research
Your cushion is lovely.

millefeuilles said...

We were at 37°C today! That's a fine way to start up the school year, don't you think? Mind you we had dinner outside and the smell of summer evenings here in France with the crickets chirping away is heavenly. Autumn and winter are full of romantic connotations for me so I totally relate to your feelings about autumn.

That Melk Tert looks DELICIOUS! And so does the dear, dear baby.

Thank you so much for linking up to my giveaway.

Have a lovely weekend dreaming up autumn plans.

Red Rose Alley said...

Yes, Welcome back Autumn - my favorite season of all! So glad that you got to spend time with the ones you love. That is surely what life is all about. Your crocheted cushion is so pretty, and I love the color purple. I even had a room in it one time. You sound like you have such a grateful heart, and I love that in a person.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Anne said...

I love Autumn, its my favorite time. Our trees will be turning color pretty soon. Looks like you had a wonderful family visit!

Karen S Booth said...

Oh Melk Tart! I adore it! I was born in Wynberg and lived in Fishhoek in RSA!
LOVELY blog!
Karen @ Lavender and Lovage