14 Feb 2012

Happy Valentines day to you all, so hope you all had a helping of love in your day today. 

 At the end of the day write down a list of all your blessings and all the things you have to be grateful for
 remember to give thanks for the  pleasure of being  loved  by your  partners, or your children, grandchildren, friends or even our pets,  is always a wonderful  thing to  experience, is love and it can be found where least expected.  
I have been spending the last two days with my daughter and our twin grandsons. 

The love that I have for them is startling and the love that  I receive  from then is unconditional  and breath taking .  I often wonder how I can love so many people so much. My husband, my children, my grandchildren, all have such a huge chunk of my heart.  Then there are other  members of our family, close friends all loved and cherished and again I wonder how  hearts have the capacity of so much love.
Baked some golden cheesy scones  for breakfast today
I love baking. 
My  darling daughter loves Cheesy scones and what better gift than scones,  hot  out the oven for  Valentines day. 
The ritual of  getting everything together and  measuring ingredients, has a satisfaction  of its own,   not to mention the smell of the scones backing in the oven!
The best though is the lip smacking sounds as  the scones were  being devoured!

 I wish you all a wonderful love filled Valentines day! 


5 Feb 2012

Let it snow, let it snow....

Sooo  exciting , waiting, waiting,  knowing it is coming, but just not knowing  when and then at about 9 o clock last night, after looking out the front door at least 20 times it started to fall!!  Snow, beautiful snow.  Woke up to a wonderland  of white this morning. 
 Not a huge amount of  snow, well not as much as I expected after all the weather warnings , but enough to make it all look wonderful. 
The only disturbance of the pristine snow was the foxes trails - I love that you can see evidence of their well beaten path around the garden.  
Our village is  tiny,  no gritting or salting of roads here and I  definitely  couldn't drive my little car in the snow, so I have been in all day.   
 I have been doing  4 hour shifts at the Nursing home every day looking after my lady and I felt at a bit of a loose end  and eventually decided to do some crocheting. 
 I managed to make 30 hexagons today while watching old movies and drinking loads of  hot tea.  Now that I have started making these little hexagons,  I am so excited to make more, I love the way they look!

 As far as I am concerned  one of the most comforting quick meals is Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup, so what better for supper  than toast for dipping and hot Tomato Soup, swirled with cream, yummmmyy!
Been a good day today!

Hope you are all wrapped up warm and safe  tonight....