27 Mar 2012

Getting the hang of things ...

I surprised  myself this morning, I managed to open the  cupboard door without a struggle.  It has taken me all of two weeks to remember that  everything  works  opposite here in the USA.   Door knobs turn anti- clockwise, light switches are different,  cars drive on the right hand side of the road instead of the left my brain is continually challenged. 
I have this issue every time I visit here, you would think I would  get it quicker huh?  
I tell you what though, the one thing I do get,  is how to shop in some of the wonderful craft stores (insert huge smiley face here).   I have been to Hancock's, Michaels and AC Moore. 

 I have a problem though, I actually start to feel quite ill when I am in these stores.  I get dizzy at the sheer choice that  I have and cannot actually concentrate on any one thing.  I start thinking ..... maybe I can make this  or  should I do that .... or  maybe I will crochet this, or  scrap that ..... really it is too much for me,  but wow,  it makes me happy, I just wish I had a few million dollars ..... wouldn't that be nice.

My granddaughter told me on Saturday morning that she would love to decorate her initial to hang on her newly painted bedroom wall.  So off we went to buy some supplies and alphabet letters for both of them.  My granddaughters have very  distinct tastes and I was a bit dubious at the choice of embellishments, stickers and papers that were being chosen, but excited to see what  the end results were.  We spent  most of the afternoon playing.  I decorated a letters that I had bought  to give the girls  some ideas  - that is my excuse and I am sticking to it,  I just couldn't resist  
 and with just a little guidance from Granny and help with the glue gun they created the most  amazing Altered Alphabet letters! 
 Emilee loves music and wanted hers to look 'old worldly', her  description of her E
Olivia wanted hers to be 'pretty' 
I  think they achieved their  goals.  We ended up going back to the stores and buying some  alphabet hooks to decorate and I bought another letter to decorate for a gift! 
 My time here as been so cathartic, I am so unstressed and my days are quiet and peaceful and I sooo love being with my girls it is amazing!
Hope you are all having  a happy and  peaceful a day

21 Mar 2012

Totes and tins......

Ta..Da.... I did it ... made myself a tote out of the sale fabric that I bought on Sunday from          Wal-Mart. 
I love it!  It is only 12 x 10", but is just big enough for me to carry the essential around with me while I am visiting!
  It has pockets on the inside and outside too for bits and bobs. 
 I can see me making  another three now - I had little faces light up last night when my granddaughters came home from school and saw my bag and Mom is eyeing out some funky bright fabric for hers......

We had these cookies over the St Patrick weekend
 I just  love the tins, they have a little bit of a  vintage look,  so I will be keeping them. 
I am sure they will be great to store a bit of ribbon or lace.... I am quiet sure I will find some good use for them

Have a wonderful day

20 Mar 2012

A little jet lag .....

Jet lag!  Isn't it ridiculous how the five hour time difference between USA and UK can make you feel so odd, so out of sorts.  Nothing seems to function properly, my brain has felt fuzzy and I have spent the week sleeping at odd hours in the morning and  lying  awake at the night.   
Crazy jet lag, but it has forced me to  rest and now I feel normal and energetic again, at last.   

 While I have been waiting for my body to adjust to USA  time and the hot weather I have been  crocheting hexagons 
I would so love to finish the Kaleidoscope Afghan that I started last month, I have made 70 hexagons so far and only have to make 50 more.
 Did I tell you that it was a toss up whether I packed clothes or my 20 balls of wool that I am using to make the  Kaleidoscope Afghan.  I chose the wool and the
 wonderful  Mr Bean, bless him, went out and bought some vacuum bags  so all my wool fitted into the case and with it all sqashed down flat
  he  even managed to pack  a reasonable amount of  clothes and some shoes :) for me
On Sunday I went to Wal-Mart, gotta love Wal-Mart there always seems to be something that is reasonably priced, I fell in love with two bits of  fabric that were on sale. 
As soon as I saw the fabric I thought I would love to make myself a small tote bag,   maybe using  both  pieces of  fabric
I  haven't  brought a handbag  with me (pocketbook as it is called here in the USA),  because I needed a really large bag to use as hand luggage, you know for the laptop, kindle, passport etc. etc.    Soooo I decided that I am going to take advantage of my time here and the fact that my daughter has a good sewing machine and over-locker and will endeavour to make myself a small tote bag just big enough to carry my purse, cell and other important bits around, while I am here.
Hope you are all had a wonderful first day of Spring!

13 Mar 2012

Every day is an adventure...

Good morning dear friends, did you think I had dropped off the face of the earth huh? Huh?  Nope life just got in the way of blogging and  stuff.  
 I have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride again - my life is never ever boring I am always on the edge with  an adventure every day, around every  corner, to be embraced and enjoyed even if some are a little daunting! 
I have not had work for a few weeks as my precious lady has been moved to a nursing home and I have to decide whether to change work options, an adventure  and a challenge if I do make a change.
  The house  we are renting has been sold so we have to pack up again,  this is not my  best sort of adventure it is a bit of a nightmare to be honest, but  may become an adventure when we find a nice new place to live in.
Yesterday I caught a plane from Heathrow, London and  flew to Charleston,  USA!!  I will be visiting with my daughter for a month.   Yay, definitely an adventure, a time to think and rejuvenate and be peaceful .......
 Ah just to be here and spend time with my precious daughter and granddaughters..... perfect.

Have a good day