20 Mar 2012

A little jet lag .....

Jet lag!  Isn't it ridiculous how the five hour time difference between USA and UK can make you feel so odd, so out of sorts.  Nothing seems to function properly, my brain has felt fuzzy and I have spent the week sleeping at odd hours in the morning and  lying  awake at the night.   
Crazy jet lag, but it has forced me to  rest and now I feel normal and energetic again, at last.   

 While I have been waiting for my body to adjust to USA  time and the hot weather I have been  crocheting hexagons 
I would so love to finish the Kaleidoscope Afghan that I started last month, I have made 70 hexagons so far and only have to make 50 more.
 Did I tell you that it was a toss up whether I packed clothes or my 20 balls of wool that I am using to make the  Kaleidoscope Afghan.  I chose the wool and the
 wonderful  Mr Bean, bless him, went out and bought some vacuum bags  so all my wool fitted into the case and with it all sqashed down flat
  he  even managed to pack  a reasonable amount of  clothes and some shoes :) for me
On Sunday I went to Wal-Mart, gotta love Wal-Mart there always seems to be something that is reasonably priced, I fell in love with two bits of  fabric that were on sale. 
As soon as I saw the fabric I thought I would love to make myself a small tote bag,   maybe using  both  pieces of  fabric
I  haven't  brought a handbag  with me (pocketbook as it is called here in the USA),  because I needed a really large bag to use as hand luggage, you know for the laptop, kindle, passport etc. etc.    Soooo I decided that I am going to take advantage of my time here and the fact that my daughter has a good sewing machine and over-locker and will endeavour to make myself a small tote bag just big enough to carry my purse, cell and other important bits around, while I am here.
Hope you are all had a wonderful first day of Spring!

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