24 Sept 2011

The Christmas Fabric I bought last week
 has been cut and sewed.

  5 inch squares were cut and sewed together in rows of 6 squares  each

 and that was enough to make two delightful Christmas stocking for the twins. 

 All my other Grandchildren already have one so Matthew and Alex needed their own.  

Quilted them in the ditch and did all the finishing touches, then the fun began.......
Each square was embroidered  with feather stitch in a different colour and embellished with charms.

  Lastly the boys name were put on each of their stocking. 

When I gave them to my daughter yesterday - her face when she saw what I had brought her and her delight at all the charms was really all I needed to see! 

What a satisfactory job that was. 

Have a stunning weekend!


Red Rose Alley said...

Those are so cute. My sister loves quilts, and still has the bedspread my mom made. Your grandchildren will treasure these forever. You did a wonderful job.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Linda Carole Bloom said...

What wonderful stockings! You have been so industrious while I've been on vacation - doing no sewing! Your family will treasure them forever and pass them down - and I LOVE the size - LOTS of room for Christmas goodies!! Love, Linda

Cruiseartist said...

Ok you are so not fair miss speedy
as always these have your wonderful stamp of love on them. Well done girl
They are amazing