16 Sept 2011

Fabric, Fabulous Fabric

Is it too early to be getting excited about Christmas???

  I went to explore an alley in a little town nearby and found some100% cotton Christmas fabrics.
  They were selling them for next to nothing.  How could I pass up a bargain like that? 
I cannot help myself if I see pretty fabric I feel a bit dizzy and a bit frenzied and have to buy some, NOW!   
 I clearly did not think things through either, because I only bought a quarter metre of each.    
As I was retuning home my mind was working overtime, plans were forming.
  I needed a bit more fabric, a bit more of a variety
 I ended up driving to Lewes, a good 20 minute drive away, to visit the
This is really the quaintest shop I have ever seen, it is situated in an old factory building and is full, to the brim with quilting ‘stuff’.  
I  bought a few more quarter meters of some really beautiful Christmas material
I had to ask  the  poor long suffering man  to  take  my ‘quilting box’ out the loft for the  300th
this month time
   I had a few pieces of fabric in my stash that will go wonderfully with what I have bought.  
Now all I need is some time to cut and sew.......

Have a great day


Linda Carole Bloom said...

Beautiful stuff!! I'm buying Christmas fabric now too - AND going to the shore tomorrow (LOL) Love, Linda

"Create Beauty" said...

If one doesn't sew for Christmas now, where will one find the time in December?!?!
What are you going to make from that delightful fabric?!?

Sew pretty....

~ Violet

Unknown said...

Honey! It is NEVER to early to think about Christmas! :) You got some darling fabrics. :)


Sonya Badgley said...

Hi Cheryl,
I too have a weakness for fabric. You bought yourself a lovely variety!
Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Cruiseartist said...

well you made me want to go check my stash and see what I could do with it hee hee and I have paintings to paint. They may win the battle
AH but I do need to make a new purse the last one I made is lovely but cream and it is getting to darker fabric time