18 Sept 2011

Peace at last .....

Eugene is an absolute earth angel, yes, he is my husband, but he is the most incredible person I know. 
 He has taken the best care of a gentleman, who after suffering from a stroke five years ago has had the most incredibly difficult time. 
This gentleman has been unable to move, eat, drink or even speak easily;  lying in his bed for all these years just listening to music and Eugene has been his constant companion and carer.  
This weekend all this suffering came to an end, this brave man passed away and is now, at long last, at peace, no more suffering, no more pain. 
My deepest sympathy goes to his children and family for the loss of their Dad.
  My deepest respect goes to my husband who for  the last three and a half years,  has come to  know and care for this man and has shown him so much kindness and taken such good care of him.
 Really you are an amazing person with the best heart, my  Eugene!


Pomona said...

Definitely a pat on the back - it must be quite a heart-wrenching thing to do, but so valuable.

Pomona x

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, your husband is such a wonderful person to give his heart like that to his companion. Before my mom passed away, we all took turns taking care of her and comforting her. She is in my heart every day. Sending love your way,
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Cruiseartist said...

He is an angel you are right.
God bless his gent and him too.
Guess he will have to get another job now, how sad is that. But then again new beginnings can be fun too. SO wishing all the best in his new adventure and sorry for his loss, as I know Gene will have gotten attached.