18 Sept 2011

Pavement sales are the best.....

A large house in the village has been sold and for the last month,  every now and again if you are early enough there will be some bits and bobs for sale on the pavement. 
This morning when driving past I saw this beautiful ‘letter box’, not quiet sure what to call it? 
I took it home dusted it off and admired it
  It is quiet large and has some beautiful hand painted flowers on and it in a really good condition. 
  I was thrilled and  the asking price was ridiculously low,  sooo,  I grabbed it and ran!   Love it.  Wonder what I will use it for?
 Letters and some pens and stationary or some pattern books and treasures????? 
The options are endless.
  Not sure where I am going to keep it, maybe in the loft for now, but I love it and am keeping it!

1 comment:

Cruiseartist said...

I vote for fancy pens and inks and awesome paper. MAybe some sealing wax and a seal

It is gorgeous girl enjoy.