16 Aug 2011

The local Alfriston Summer Horticultural show was held this weekend. 
 We have a little Village Hall,
The Memorial Hall. 
It is such a beautiful old building with beams and is tiny, but surprisingly a number of tables can fit in and quiet a lot of people can be fitted into this tiny Village Hall.  

Most of the main events during the year are held in the Hall. 
 Money raising fetes and fairs, the annual Christmas Pantomime, wedding receptions and of course the all important Horticultural shows.   
Most of the Villages participate and let me tell you the competition is fierce.  Potatoes have to be the same size, same shape and have to be placed neatly on a plate. 
Leek and onion leaves have to be tied down correctly and prize tomatoes are placed on slices of  the inner tube from a tin foil roll,  so that they  are all in an upright  position and precise.  
While I was there examining the produce and flowers and exclaiming my amazement, I noticed some Villages rushing in to see what they had been awarded, a first, or a second.... and the discussions on why so and so won and why so and so had only received a Highly Commended .....
My Lady’s daughter submitted a beautiful arrangement called ‘Sunset’  and won 1st prize.
I  bought a raffle ticket, you know to support the Horticulturalist and on Sunday morning at  9am my  prize was delivered to the house half a dozen newly laid eggs
Ahh it is tooo sweet  for words and makes me smile, the joys of living in a little English Village!

On another note ......
I am supposed to be packing up to leave tomorrow morning at 9, but instead I was visiting blogs.
  I found a delightful crocheted cushion on  Karie’s Chic Creations
 I am so excited to have found this cushion
An hour earlier I had taken all my scraps of wool put them into a bag for a charity shop
I think I will keep all these scraps now and make one while driving around the country side visiting the family – so excited!
If you haven’t seen my giveaway for the 'Lavender Sachets', please click on the right hand button
I hope you will enter!

Have a fantastic day!


Cruiseartist said...

what a fun day and congrats on your win. Breakfast with taste.
We need pictures of your crochet cushion later. enjoy your time with the family.

Anne said...

What a delightful visit! I daydream about living in an English village... I love small town life and am admittedly addicted to the village in Doc Martin..!