13 Aug 2011

Lavender Giveaway

I have one week of work left and then I go on my next break.  
Can you believe how time has flown by, five weeks nearly gone, five weeks since we all took part in 'Where Blogger's Create 2011'
I had an extra afternoon off on Monday so decided to start sorting out my stuff and packing up again.  I took out that box of Lavender I bought; it makes me laugh every time I see it! 
So much Lavender.   I was sitting on the floor putting spoonfuls of Lavender  in  zip lock bags  to keep it  fresh when my crafty brain went  into  overdrive.  
I abandoned my packing and made some pretty little organza drawer 'smellies' . 
Then I thought ...  why not share a few sachets with you.

So here it is my first Giveaway!

For three chances to win some little Organza Lavender Sachet : -

Comment on this post for one chance
Become a follower for a two chances (or let me know if you are already a follower)
Mention and link to my giveaway on your blog for three chances.

On the 7th September I will draw three names randomly.
 Have a stunning day.


Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Lavendar is one of my favorite scents. The sachets are beautiful.

Cruiseartist said...

woo hoo I am so proud of you and will join you shortly so please add me to the list hee hee I will let my friends know too
these are too cute just like you

Debbie said...

Wow we have quite a bit in common, I to love Lavender, your blog and just had a birthday on July 28th.

Thank you for dropping by my blog and your sweet comments, it means a lot to me to know that you like my work. I've been feeling a little down about my work lately and now you have turned me back around, thank you so much for that.

I am now a follower and thrilled to hear all about Africa, what an adventure!!

Good job on you nine pound lose, thats great just stay strong and remember no matter what, they are your family and they will love you just the way you are.

Again thank you for your sweet encouragement of my art. Please drop by anytime I will defiantly link to your blog in my post today!!!


Anne said...

Hi Cheryl, what a nice giveaway! I absolutely adore anything made with lavender. I an mow a follower!

Anne said...

I'm going to add your giveaway to my sidebar. Its sweet of you, and I hope that, although I don't get too many visitors, someone will discover your blog through the link!

Cruiseartist said...

I added your picture and link for the give a way hee hee Thanks for adding mine to yours You are a star

Cruiseartist said...

Glenalea and I were talking about your blog she hasn't figured out how to comment yet so I am posting on her behalf she said, wow Cheryls blog is so lovely, it it so old worldly and suits her to a T.
Just wanted you to know

Vicki said...

Hello there! So nice to meet you. I would be delighted to win one of these beautiful sachets. Thank you so much

Vicki said...

I am following you now.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

The sachets are beautiful and I know smell so nice. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Twyla

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I am already a follower:) Have a nice day! Twyla