9 Aug 2011

London is burning!
 I feel a serious need to rant and rave....
What a  mess!
 Do these people know how much impact their vandalism and criminality is going to have on the people who have their lives, homes, their memories, their livelihood destroyed in a night of craziness, how this is going to impact them, the perpetrators, in the long run? 
This behaviour is sickening and disgusting never mind the sadness of it. 
 Building's 100’s of years old destroyed by fire.  I cannot tell you how sad that makes me.  My daughter lives very near Tottenham where all this started and it has left us all feeling anxious and afraid. 
 The police don’t stand a chance, they are not allowed to use force, they are seriously out numbered – there have been cuts to our police force????  
 The criminals, some as young as seven, seven, know this they didn’t even run when looting the shops,  the news shows one  individual with a trolley full of stolen goods, waiting  for the traffic light  to turn green before he crossed the road, I ask you, why??  
 Such carnage.
 We are just recovering from such a devastating credit crunch – what impact will this have?  
Why. Why. Why ??? 


Rebecca Nelson said...

Cheryl...reading this makes me truly sick for you all. Sometimes I think our world has just gone over to the dark side....

Know we are thinking of you here in America!


Anonymous said...

Here I sit in my hot little room in the middle of California and I had no clue this was going on. My TV broke so these days it's pretty quiet in here. I did google and found London riots. I haven't read yet but wanted to say I hope you stay safe. My main reason for stopping by was to check out your blog and tell you to contact me through my web site should you need help with the quick page. Stay safe, my friend.
Pam Lefors