7 Dec 2011

SoS ....

I knew even before my daughter, that she was pregnant, she just felt different. So I had started to knit a very simple ' blankie' before the pregnancy was even confirmed. Then we were told there were two babies, sooo Granny had to knit another one. These simple square 30" x 30" blankets were knitted with a double strand of DK wool and on nice thick needles so it took me no time at all. These little blankets have proved to be invaluable for outings in the pram

and for when the boys are in their car seats.
Last week I had an urgent SOS from my daughter to please knit another two, so that she can at least wash the ones she has. I find that once I have made something once I really have to motivate myself to make more, but when there is an SOS concerning my grandchildren I make a plan. So I thought that to make it a little bit of a different project I would knit squares instead of a solid colour blanket for the boys.
Not sure this was the best idea cause when I had them all together and realised how many treads had to be sewn in I thought maybe I should have just made another two like the previous ones.
I knitted like a demon to get them finished and posted before we left for our holiday and I was so pleased with the result
and the boys seem to be cozy and comfortable with their other blankies!

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