3 Dec 2012


I am on a two week assignment in a tiny little village in Hampshire called Wherwell. 
 It is a quaint village built along the  banks of the river Test.

 It really is tiny, not much more that a primary school, a Pub, a Hairdresser

 and a  couple of other official looking businesses, some  stunning thatched cottages
and some really large houses.
 It has been so beautiful the last three mornings with ice on the ground and the sun shinning.  There are still  some trees with autumn leaves on, but the scenery is changing by the day.
 With all the  rain the last few weeks  the normally sedate Test River is running much faster and is quiet wide at parts.

 It is  such a treat  to go  for a walk down to the river and cross the foot bridge
feed the ducks
and the fish, look at the size of them, and walk a short way along the common
 to Chilbolton, which is the next village and is a bit bigger as it  even has village shop!
When I have some down time or a break I like to knit or crochet.  I brought along a knitting  project this time.  
   I am  trying to get two pullovers done  double quikc for my twin grandsons.  I seem to be gettign on betterr than I  thought I would, maybe I should have brought  some more wool.

It is such a nice pattern to knit!

Have a  good week!
Hugs Cxxx


Kit said...

Oh how lovely a place! And your sweater looks great! Kit

Angela Richardson said...

After living in Winchester for many years Wherwell is a village I've often visited. It is magical when the Mayflies emerge in spring and you see the trout jumping.
Thanks for the memory.

Rebecca Nelson said...

Beautiful sweater. What I wouldn't GIVE to visit there.


marie said...

What lovely scenes...especially the cottage and foot bridge. I would enjoy visiting there.