22 Jan 2013

Snow, snow and more snow

I have been house bound with all the snow and ice we had over the last week and a nasty dose of sinus.  This has not been all bad though, it has meant that I have had quiet a lot of time on my hands.  When I woke up to snow

 I spent about 20 minutes wondering what to do with an entire day at home.  I decided to do some of the more practical things like sorting some stuff in the storage cupboard that has been in bags since we moved here.  I got out the first bag and found a few a lot of yarn (I have a bit of a yarn obsession)  I also discovered three coat hangers that I had  crocheted covers for, but not finished.  
Gathered up some supplies threw all the other stuff back into the bag, put it back in the cupboard, nice and neatly J and have spent the last few days in crochet heaven, sheer bliss.  I have finished a bunch of coat hangers 
crocheted roses by the dozen. 
Crocheting roses is a very, satisfying .  I originally found a picture of a rose and wanted to make one so badly so I sat for hours with the picture enlarged by about 400% and crocheted and pulled out till I had a reasonable looking rose, but since then
 I have found loads of patterns for roses and have used them with my own interpretation, till I have a rose that I like to make.  
 Here is a pattern that is very much like mine and I like this pattern here for a smaller flatter rose.

I love Pinterest when the light is going and my hands are aching from too much crocheting, I like nothing more than to make a cup of nice tea and browse Pinterest.  I saw a picture of a lovely crocheted heart on Pinterest and it turned out to be on

  Attic 24’s blog – love her work so much - found the heart pattern here.  I just had to make one, immediately, it was so easy and so pretty I ended up making three. 
I filled the hearts with beautiful smelling Lavender 
 Had to quickly make  three more covers for hangers to hang the hearts on. 

Hope you are all making the most of whatever weather you are having!


Red Rose Alley said...

Your crocheted hangers are so lovely, and the roses are sweet. I would love to see a red crocheted rose. It is such a talent to knit and crochet. Your snow pictures made my day, as I don't see much of it here in sunny California, unless we go to the mountains. I hope the new year is being kind to you, my friend.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Kit said...

Wow! You sure know how to make a day productive and fun. Your hangers are lovely! I especially love your roses! Kit