8 Oct 2011

Ohhh look I am on a roll, another Journal

Yup, I made another Journal. 
This one was inspired by a note book made by Karen of My Desert Cottage and I think the Picture may have come from The Graphic Fairy, but I really can’t remember. 
I am continually saving pictures that I find from all over the place. 
 I sooo enjoyed creating this book.
 It is a hard covered note book, one of those brown paper ‘organic’ type note books, my favourite kind, all natural looking.  It has an insert  page inside that has pocket on both sides.

I suppose this kind of book could be used for recipes, notes, anything really. 
 I was thinking of  giving it away for a  Christmas present, but maybe I will just keep it for my self as a ‘Wish Book ‘ or a Gratitude Book. 
 Don’t you just love the lace, I found it in an Antique shop it was attached to soft netting.  It took me hours to cut out all the intricate little swirls to separate it from the net.
Maybe,  I  think, I may just  keep it as my very own 'Wish Book'
My Grandmother used to teach me to keep a wish book. 
I must have been all of 5 years old when we first started these wish books. 
We would gather magazines and scissors pens and crayons on  the dinning room table and she would make us a pot of ‘glue’ out of flour and water,
because this kind of glue didn’t make the paper crinkle as much as the pot of school glue. 
 There was always a very large hard bristles paintbrush in the pot, if I remember it had a  redish handle.  
 She encouraged me to cut out pictures of things that I really, really wanted, no matter what it was.  As a child I used to cut out dolls, toys, rings, crowns, delightful things.
We would even have a Christmas page in the back of the book to stick in our wish items.  
 As I grew she taught me to write about the treasures I had pasted. 
 I remember her wish book being very intricate with lots of writing and
pictures of seeds and plants. 
 I wish I still had her books, wonder what happened to them!
  I still keep a  wish book with pictures of my goals,  with affirmations and poems and anything that grabs me, I suppose a type of journal of what I would love to have and 
at the  back I write down everything I have to be grateful for every  day. 
Yes I think I will keep this book, after all,  my dreams and wishes deserve to be kept in something special.
Maybe you would like to keep a 'wish book' too.........
And I wish you a wonderful rest of the weekend!


Cruiseartist said...

these are lovely I was thinking I should make a cruise one as I often write as we travel and love reading about trips we went on a long time ago. Never thought to gussy up my Journals

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Beautiful Journal!! Love the idea of a wish book:) Your Grandma must be a lovely lady.

Pomona said...

I think a wish book is a really lovely idea! And your journal is beautiful too.

Pomona x

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Such creativity. I love it!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

How pretty! Yes I notched the lace right away. I have a 5 yr old grand daughter and I loved hearing your grandmas wish book idea.

"Create Beauty" said...

It is beautiful!!!!

~ Violet