25 Jun 2011

I have to sort out my room this weekend.  It is so funny because I get so overwhelmed every time I get to the end of my 5 week slot.  I have to decide what goes back into storage while I  am on my break, then it all has to come out again if I need it when I am back again, what clothes will I need, what goes to London with me,  do I take something with that is easy to make in between visiting family or do I just leave it all in storage and take a book to read,  how much is acceptable to  leave in  the  cupboard without encroaching  too much on the other care workers space....... 

Another thing that happens is I see all the  wool,  lace and ‘stuff’  that I have accumulated  in my room and I  start to think maybe I should just throw this away and
 when will I ever get to do that and maybe I should keep this or maybe take that with to make on my break and, and,  .....
 See, I drive myself a little crazy J 
But in 4 sleepies I get to spend an entire two weeks with my incredible husband, see my daughter, Tammy, and Neil and my twin grandsons, Eugene my son and Jenny, and my beautiful granddaughter Jamie who is 8 and
 Nathan who is 6 and my Mom and Dad,
and we get to visit with a few friends for good measure!! 
So it is usually a really good break full of fun – the trick here is to try sort it all out without panicking too much!


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Anonymous said...

I do like your Blog. It has really taken off in a new dimension - Gene