24 Jun 2011

That lonely calico and lace armrest cover that I found in the bargain bin at The Loom Mill, has been unpicked, really carefully, cotton lace always unravels so badly
 and has been transformed into a bit of lacy nonsense. 
I had to sew this all by hand!  Filled it with a beautiful smelling
rose and lavender organza bag.  
Smells like heaven in my room at the moment. 

 I embellish the lace with roses that I
made out of  the  pink satin  ribbon that I also found in the 
 bargain bins, added some pearl beads and finished it
off with a bit of  feather stitching and a beaded edge! 

 I am thrilled with how it turned out and luckily I have enough to make another one. 

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