17 Jan 2012

Christmas weekend .......

I had so much to say whilst on holiday and took so many photo's and then when I arrived in South Africa  I could not connect to  my blog.  Hardly anyone uses WiFi, they  work with dongles so I couldn't send out  my posts.  I would still love to share some bits with you so I will try to catch up on Christmas and New Year over the next few days..... 

Christmas was the most amazing day.    45 members of the De Beer clan were together for the first time in  years and years. 
The five remaining De Beer Siblings
The only members of the family that missed the reunion were my three children and their families and their absence was deeply felt, but I think that  they were there in spirit and sharing photos  and messages ensured that they  could keep up with all the celebrations.
The Nieces and Nephews and their Partners
  It is so difficult to get such a large family together for an occasion,  so the fact that we had so many of us together was wonderful.    
Some of the great Nieces and Nephews
 It was such an emotional time for us, having not seen the family for  just over 6 years meant that there were a lot of tears, excitement, hugs an overdose of love and of course food

and food and more food.
 We had a Hog and a Sheep on the spit
Hog on a spit
and salads for Africa (excuse the pun)

Salads and home made breads  - yummy
  Desert was full cream caramel and vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce and I made my famous butterscotch and strawberry pavlova!

After all that celebrating and over indulging  Christmas day, we spent boxing day (the 26th December) just relaxing around the pool drinking and eating, some more ....... what can I say?
Eating prawns and dip in the pool
The temperature was 35degrees Celsius with a 100% humidity most of the time so the only way to cool down was to dip in the pool!

Koeksisters - sweet syrupy plated cooked doughy - love them
 The day was finished off with a Braai (barbecue)  there is truly nothing like sitting round a fire and  talking about the day and  the smell of meat cooking on an open fire 
Braaing (barbecue)

Braaied meat and baked potatoes - some more yummy!
Wwhat more could we have asked for, braaied steak and baked potatoes with sour cream and cheese.

A stunning end  to an amazing Christmas weekend


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