29 Jan 2012

The last of the South African photos .....

These are the last of my photo from the Gauteng province and most of these landscape photos were taken out of the  car window while we were driving soo, please bear that in mind if they are slightly out of focus.....
 In the opposite direction to the Game reserve, on the other side of Johannesburg, is a totally different landscape. 

 We  took a drive out to Hartebeesport Dam

The road goes all round the Dam and then along the Dam wall and through a tunnel that goes all the way  under the mountain. 

I remember coming here and driving along this same wall and through this same tunnel when I was a very little girl and it is still here and such a good condition still!
This is a very  expensive area, with luxury homes,  mostly holiday or weekend  houses
almost everyone owns a  boat of some sort. 
 There is a snake park which is a huge tourist attraction.
Tortoises of all shapes and sizes were around the restaurant area,

 A variety of Turtles
A large family of Meercat entertained us with their cute antics  

and some larger reptiles were luckily behind glass
 The 'Flea Market',  that is what they call it, but really it was huge and a permanent structure

consisting of Huts selling a huge variety of  African curios. 

This is when you need a few thousand ££ £ or $$$ notes to indulge in an orgy of spending. 

On our way home we came across an old trading store, Tant Malie Se Winkel (Aunt Malie' s Store) established in 1921

one of the first  in the area and it has been kept immaculate and  looks like the day it was built. 
They even sell home made bread still made in the original ovens and have cool houses outside (original fridges) and dried fish and biltong (dried meat) hanging everywhere. 

 It was like walking into a time warp back to the Voortrekker days!

And another very satisfactory day ended with an exquisite African sunset!


Bluebell said...

What a wonderful time you are having, those photo's are so good, I love the fact that you are surrounded by turtles at the restaurant and the lovely old store was a real find. Keep on enjoying.

Vicki said...

Gorgeous! I'm off to see the photos in your previous post. What an adventure!