13 Jul 2011

Hello all, I have missed writing on my blog, but I am back  now from my two week break, rested and ready for my next 5 week slot.   My break was an absolute wonderful time with hubby, loads of family time, visited my parents and spent time with my grandchildren! 
Jamie and Nathan with Magic Cat

 Our twin grandson’s are stunning and have stolen my heart, but what a time consuming exhausting job it is to take care of them.  I am in total awe of my daughter
Tammy and how well she is coping and the excellent job she and Neil are doing.

 We went to the Lake District for four days to attend a wedding of one of our ‘other children’.  When I say ‘other children’, we have a few young people in our lives that were introduced to us when they were youngsters going to the same schools as our our three children.  They have become and integral part of our family and we love and respect them all so much, so it was such an honour to be able to attend Lee’s wedding.  There were six of our ‘other children’ attending the wedding that we hadn’t seen for 5 years or so. It was such a wonderful time, we loved every minute and it did my heart so much good to be with all these much loved people. 

Besides all the wonderful family time, I was exposed to the most incredible scenery ever, the Lake District is beautiful.   The lakes and mountains of Cumbria took my breath away.   I loved it all so much!
The scene out our hotel window

 My precious Mom gave me this delightful little sewing machine.  It is about 8 inches tall and seven though it only sews straight lines it is perfect for little projects.  I want to use up all my small bits of fabric and make a crazy quilt.  Love Crazy quilting!

And a friend bought me this wonderful ‘Knitting Bag’ at a Boot Sale.  It is spacious enough to hold whatever project I am working on so it can travel with me J

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