15 Jul 2011

I only managed to tour a few creative spaces during the day yesterday, so I climbed into bed last night with my laptop and picked up where I had left off.  I eventually turned off some time after 12 so if there are any typos in my comments I am blaming blurry eyes.

What incredibly talented people there are who have the most amazing spaces where they create and such interesting blogs.  I am so impressed with each and every one of you. I have realised that nothing that we do is too small or too insignificant.  Really I was so amazed, but I must admit though I was a bit envious of some of the places too.  I have definitely added a few extra wishes to my wish list  – I want, want, want hee hee!

Thank you so much for the comments that were left on my blog.  I really appreciate them so much.  I am so inspired and so encouraged to pursue what I am able to do, no matter what it is,  with new vigour. 


Susanne said...

What sweet comments! I've only had a chance to visit a few spaces so far as well. Got kinda busy and didn't get a chance to primp my space liked I'd hoped but came to the party anyway, even if a little late.

I can't imagine having to pack up everything after 5 weeks, you must be very organized.

Serial crafter and supply buyer, huh!? That's a new one for me but I think I can relate. Plus it makes crafting sounds a little more exciting and dangerous, hope you don't mind my using it!

bertie said...

Hi again, Cheryl...I totally know what you mean about getting blurry eyed trying read all the posts, but I can't stop!!! I wanted to thank you for your comment about my new grandsons and wanted to congratulate you as well! My, we have such a blessing in common!!! my daughter must made it to 34 weeks, too. The boys are home now and doing well and settling in slowly to their new surroundings. They live 10 hours away and I miss them terribly. Are you close by to your babies? I look forward to sharing stories about these precious little men in our lives! Take care! Love, bertie