29 Jul 2011

There is a birdbath  in the front garden that I fill every day at about 4 in the afternoon.  A flock of very young Starlings are usually hovering on the rooftops waiting to bath! What I want to know is  how they know it is bath time??

I had to sit dead still for about 30 minutes to get these photo's :)

They descend on the birdbath, splashing, diving in, dipping their heads, flapping their wings so that it looks as if we have a sprinkler going in the garden and generally they have an absolute ball.

Two little Bull Finches and a few Sparrows also try and get in on the free-for-all, a bit scary, I am afraid they will be drowned, I end up holding my breath waiting for them to pop out from between the much larger Starlings.   

Can you see the little Sparrow waiting on the edge  ready to jump in?

When they have all done their crazy ablutions and emptied the bath completely I  have to refill it for the sedentary Wood Doves to have a drink. 
What a delightful scene to watch and it is these little pleasures in life make me grateful for the wonderful world we live in.


Cruiseartist said...

weird how they can tell time hey. Our hawks are the same way almost always near the mail boxes every evening between 4-6 when I go for mail.

Kit said...

Oh how awesome! I have a bowling ball fountain and my little chickadees take their bath in it but I have yet to be able to capture the fun they are having. I love your photos. Kit