19 Jul 2011

I didn’t sleep last night, I lay with my eyes closed for hours, but I could just not sleep, all that kept  going round and round in my head is an idea that I have had for some Christmas presents.  A plan is formulating in my head, just need it to turn out the way I think it will.  It is all that beautiful vintage lace’s faultJ
 I eventually got up at 1:30, made tea and worked out what I need, a bit of fabric, some buttons, and pearl beads should start me off okay.  It was way after 2:00 before I eventually fell asleep! 
I have the afternoon off so I think I need to go peruse some charity shops and buy some bits and at least make a start on this project so I can sleep tonight, yawn.

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Cruiseartist said...

well are you all settled with Idea yet sure hope so you are way too creative not to have a few good ones by now