24 Jul 2011

JULY...... Water Lilly
are the official birthday flowers for July, but my Grandmother who had a birthday in
July always told me that
Fuchsias were her birthday flowers.   
 The Fuchsias in our garden are in full bloom and
 absolutely beautiful,
I love the profusion of vibrant
 colours, purple, pink, reds and whites
I cannot see a Fuchsia without being transported back in time;
instantly I hear my
beautiful gentle voice telling me stories
 and she could tell some really amazing stories.
She cultivated my love of
 Fairies and all things magical.
July is a special month, full of special people with special birth-dates as well as being my personal month.   The 2nd of July was when my Grandmother was born and my Mom and Dad had their 56th wedding anniversary this year!    
My beloved Uncle was born on the 13th July, I have a wonderful brother-in-law who has a birthday on the 8th July,
I was born in July on my Aunts birthday
 and last, but certainly no least, my precious granddaughter
Olivia, is turning 7 today.  
The minute I saw her 7 years ago, I fell instantly in love with her !  She has inherited my ‘drama queen’ traits; much to her mother’s dismay, but I personally think this is a good thing :-)  She is  a delightful little girl and sooo precious. 
Happy Birthday my little Livi Loo.

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Cruiseartist said...

Well as I recall you are the crowning Glory of this month finishing it off with a flourish.
You are a wonderful drama queen and we wouldn't trade that trait for anything in the world.